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“We found Letitia through a recommendation from a friend and we were so lucky! Her calm and always open-minded approach made us both feel understood and care of.
Helped us find a middle ground between our differences in languages, cultures and upbringings.
Guided us wisely through the storms of a marriage crisis. Also found the online platform for the sessions very user-friendly and accommodating.
Thanks Letitia you are amazing :-)
P & J”

R., age 17  

I look forward to every session because I really feel that Letitia does care and that my feelings do matter. These sessions have helped me more than anything else I have tried.”

L., age 10

“I think coming to therapy was helpful. I’d like to tell other kids who might come to therapy that it is NOT scary. We do fun things. It’s good.”

G, parent

“I learned a lot. I found our family sessions to be calming and positive. I learnt new mechanisms to deal with things. If you are thinking about trying counselling, don’t hesitate, do it.”

T, parent

“I found it helpful to get the family talking together. A different perspective. I learned listening skills, empathy, and the importance of staying calm. Having an independent person’s input has been awesome. Letitia is great, and really helped our family.”

KT, age 11

“I liked being able to talk about things privately. I’d like to tell others that there isn’t anything to be scared of.”

A, age 16

“Coming to these sessions helped me feel better, so I don’t cut anymore. I can talk about what is bothering me, and she listens and doesn’t judge me.”

S, age 7

“I like Letitia. She helps me talk to my mom so I don’t get in trouble anymore.”

S, parent

“I am really happy with the services Letitia has provided to my daughter and our family. We had tried everything, and felt so hopeless for so long. Now we have tools and a plan to deal with things.”

D, clinician

“I have attended Letitia’s Wellness Workshop for Mental Health Professionals and found it to be a relaxing and calming experience, a reminder that caring for oneself doesn’t need to take any more than a few minutes, resulting in positive change.”

Debra Hogan, M.A., L.C.S.W.

Letitia is an exceptional therapist with whom clients engage easily, and who consistently provide feedback regarding how helpful and effective her sessions are.”

Ronald VanValkenburg, M.D., Consultant Child Psychiatrist; Associate Professor of Psychiatry Michigan State University

A focused and technically skilled therapist, Letitia demonstrates excellent judgement, integrity and                empathy.” 

Denise Corcoran, Supervisor, Barnardos, Auckland, New Zealand

A vastly experienced therapist in a wide range of issues, Letitia has a remarkable ability to work with children and young people, especially those very resistant to taking responsibility and creating positive change in their lives. Always open, gentle and non-judgemental when exploring other’s world views with genuine interest.”

Lisa Catt, L.C.S.W., Clinical Director of Family Solutions

Letitia has the natural ability to relate with others, demonstrating positive energy, genuineness and personal warmth.”