Initial Assessment/Family Sessions           $200NZ (80minutes)
Individual/ Follow-up Sessions                   $150NZ 
(55 minutes)

Online Video Individual/Family Sessions   $150NZ(55 minutes)                                                                         $75NZ(30 minutes)

Text/Chat/Messaging                                  $25.00NZ (15 min)

Please contact me with questions or concerns regarding cost of sessions.Sliding fee scale/student discount options are available.

CHILD & FAMILY THERAPY SESSIONS require individual time alone with both the parent/guardian and the child. If your child is under the age of 10, or needs extra supervision, it is important that an additional family member or friend accompany you to the appointment. They will be available to supervise your young child during the parent/guardian individual time in the session.

CONFIDENTIALITY: Sessions are confidential and no information will be released to anyone without a written authorisation from you, except as provided for by law, and adhering to ethical and safety guidelines.

INSURANCE: Currently, I do not file insurance, ACC or any other third party claims. Some insurance companies or employer wellness programs may reimburse employees. Upon request, a statement will be provided for you to submit for possible reimbursement. Please check with your company.

CANCELLATION POLICY:  Your time slot is reserved exclusively for you. Please arrive promptly to obtain your full session. A 24-hour cancellation notice is required, except in an emergency. 50% will be charged for sessions cancelled without notice. If you must cancel or reschedule due to an emergency, please notify me as soon as possible.