Helping kids and families find Solutions for struggles with Depression, Anxiety, Family Issues and other Difficult Life Problems.Sometimes we need Help to find a better way to deal with things so we can Create a new path on our journey

Establishing a Compassionate and Respectful relationship

Working together to understand your individual strengths and unique history Collaborating with you to find your path to healing and positive change.

What Client Says

I think coming to therapy was helpful. I’dlike to tell other kids who might come to therapy that it is NOT scary. We do fun things. It’s good.

-L., age 10

I learned a lot. I found our family sessions to be calming and positive. I learnt new mechanisms to deal with things. If you are thinking about trying counselling, don’t hesitate, do it.

-G, parent
I look forward to every session because I really feel that Letitia does care and that my feelings do matter. These sessions have helped me more than anything else I have tried.

-R. age 17
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